Truck Bed Boudoir Session in Oromocto

We all know what comes to mind when we think "truck" and "boudoir" - I'll let you have with that what you will. So when one of my favourite humans told me she wanted to do a boudoir themed session in her fiances truck bed, I knew it was time for me to reimagine what a sexy truck shoot could be.

Maddy is my aesthetician and she's one of the kindest humans I know while still being genuinely funny and down to earth. She wanted to surprise her fiance with a boudoir shoot in is Ford truck for his birthday. She sent over some inspo pics and I knew we were off to the races so to speak.

What's incredible is that we did this photoshoot in a raggedy back alley behind Black Watch Park in Oromocto. You'd never know looking at these photos that this was a FRIGID day and there was a lot of things to be desired around us.

That's what's super important when you choose a photographer - make sure you have someone that understands lighting, angles and posing. But also make sure you have someone who understands how to make the most out of a location or situation that isn't "perfect". There will be so many moments you'll have where there's something that makes your environment less than - and you need to know how to work with it and how to make it exceptional.