Savannah & Logan | Oromocto Engagement Session

I've known Savannah and Logan since I moved to Fredericton in 2018. We all worked at Number One Noodle serving. At the time, Savannah and Logan were both seeing other people. Things just kind of fell into place for them after they worked together for a bit and they ended up dating. Fast forward to now, 2022, and they're engaged!

How lucky am I to have such wonderful people trust me to be part of their important moments with them? Savannah and Logan are two people with enormous hearts that I'm blessed to call friends. If it's for a night of drinks, someone to love my pup almost as much as I do or just someone to talk to - they're ready for it.

Savannah started off the session like a lot of women I work with do - by telling me she isn't photogenic (as if!). These photos turned out so beautifully on this overcast day. Allowing Savannah, Logan (and Perry) to steal the show over the dull and moody backdrop.

I loved this session because it really did just feel like spending time with friends - which is my goal for all of my engagement and wedding clients. If you're going to have someone interfering with you and your loved ones for 8+ hours on your big day, you want to be able to laugh with them.

It really is something special to be part of big moments like this. You only get to make these memories one time. You want to be able to not only capture these feelings, but create new ones.

And something else Savannah and Logan definitely did right? They brought their sweet little man Mr. Perry to their engagement shoot. As an all-around dog lover I not only allow but encourage to bring your furry friends to our shoots.

If you're anything like me (and Logan and Savannah) - your pets are part of the family. You will want to remember them in these moments, too.