Branding Session | Ariel from PMQ for Two

Ariel is one of my coworkers at my day job for the tourism department of New Brunswick. She was one of the first people I met when I started working for Parks New Brunswick and always made me feel welcome and has always encouraged me to vouch for myself.

I couldn't have been more thrilled when she asked me to do her branding session to launch her kitchen reveal in the beautiful new house she designed from the ground up. Ariel is the brains and beauty behind PMQ for Two, a DIY and lifestyle blog that gives everyone style envy.

The shoot was a mix of lifestyle and environment which is one of my favourite ways to shoot. It was an equal blend between Ariel in her space and the space itself. And the LIGHTING in this space is absolutely to die for. I could only dream that all my branding sessions have light like this.

Look me in the eyes and tell me this whole place doesn't look like it just skipped out of an HGTV magazine. I dare you to tell me that with a straight face.

Ariel has an exceptional taste in design and seeing her space come together in such a custom way is really something you need to see to understand. I am the furthest thing from an interior designer, but I know good light and an amazing photoshoot backdrop when I see one.

The vibe for this photoshoot you ask? We channelled "rich bitch" and I think we were absolutely on point. I don't know that I've seen kitchen reveal photos that say rich bitch quite like these (in the most endearing way possible - I promise)!

And the detail shots. For DAYS.